Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 and Still Single

Well, here we are. I've been away for a while. There have been several things that I wish I could change in the past 2 years. There were a few conquests. Even more credit card debt. But the great thing is that I landed a new job. Also, I'm pretty stoked about the Obama inauguration for the United States. 2008 had me getting in a lot of political arguments. I'm not sure what party I belong to, but I was certainly hoping for a change for the Americans. I wish I could be at the inauguration. I think it will be one of the most important moments in their nation's history. I guess I could go, but I'd have to get out the ol' credit card. I've done some damage with that thing lately. Especially over the holidays. There's a few bar owners who probably bought new plasma TV's because I was a patron at their bars. I mean, I didn't mean to pick up the entire bar's tab for the night.