Tuesday, January 24, 2006

9 Out Of 10 Cat Owners Who Expressed A Preference Said...

Before I launch into 'What I Did Between Christmas And New Year', a question for you:

Last night I was watching the commercials sandwiched between the increasingly unpleasant 'Celebrity Big Brother' (an addiction that I hate myself for afterwards. A bit like cheap tequila on a Tuesday night.) Loreal aside (where American actresses are given hilariously dubbed English voices) the commercials are usually more fun than the show itself ("Tonight in the Big Brother house, Michael is picking his nose") but this time there was a wierd one. Hundreds of thousands of women striding purposefully down a city street.

What could it be for?

A variant of that annoying coloured bouncing ball advert for LCD TVs?
A trail for a new Lads Mag?
Something exciting on the wash-and-go theme?
Yet another 'We give women discounts because they aren't as bad at men at driving!' car insurance scheme?

No, the voice-over announced that '2 out of 5 women experienced seepage from their sanitory products in 2005. But not any more with new (insert name here)!'

Which survey extracted *that* particular statistic from the population at large?