Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sign Of The Times

I read somewhere that "To Modernise" meant "Make Crapper" and "Outmoded" meant "Works Perfectly Well, But A Bit Expensive"

A case in question - the town sign for Horsham, where I used to live (I now live in a town called Dorking, much to the ongoing amusement of my trans-atlantic friends.) Its an old wooden sign with some ornate carving and the word "Horsham" carved into it. Its been there for over a hundred years, probably considerably longer than the councillers who have taken it upon themselves to add a shiny new sign with the same basic information, namely "Welcome To Horsham" coupled with the opening times of the shopping centre and the fact that Horsham is open on Sundays.

This may be progress, but replacing the old signpost with something clearly designed by someone more used to creating notices for hospitals saying "Rectal Examination Unit, This Way" doesn't do it for me.

Tomorrow: what I did over Christmas and New Year. Now that the hangover has finally come to an end.